Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bush Waited Six Days To Discuss Shoe Bomber With No GOP Complaints

Look, the universe will undergo heat death before conservative Republicans will grant ANYTHING to a Democratic President. Consistency is not something they give a tinker's damn about. If Obama didn't get a dog then the conservatives would say "you know, I just can't trust a President who doesn't own a dog. Oh and don't Muslims consider dogs unclean". He gets a dog and conservatives complain that the dog will pee on the White House carpets. If Obama came on TV and said that we should wipe every Muslim from the face of the Earth, then the conservatives would suddenly claim that 'we're all Muslims now' and 'I have always loved and respected Muslims and can't we just let bygones be bygones on the whole 9/11 thing...' Since he hasn't said 'kill all the Muslims' the conservatives take the tact of "we should adopt a policy of 'shoot Muslims on sight'".

Part of me wishes that conservative Republicans would fully grasp that Obama (and liberal Democrats generally) breath oxygen and drink water JUST so they could try holding their breaths so that they weren't doing anything that a liberal Democrat might do.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Geek wall art

So I received my EMF poster from ThinkGeek today! Yes of all the things I could use geek points on this is what I chose.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another long day of training

I'm in Scrum/Agile training. Sitting in the world's least comfortable chair. This is day two. Will it never end?

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