Friday, April 30, 2010

Louisiana Drilling Rig Overturns: Accident At Mobile Inland Drilling Unit

Well, I'm not saying that it IS Obama's fault but let's look at this.

Obama -- Oil. Both begin with O! But wait, what color is oil? It's black. And what did Obama put as his race on his census form? That's right, black! So, how likely is it that a BLACK man with whose name begins with "O" would JUST so happen to be president when a lot of OIL, which also begins with "O" and is also black, is spilled into the Gulf of MEXICO which ALSO, one can't help but notice, has an "O" in it!

Now, I'm not making accusations! I'm just asking questions! And Obama is a DemOcrat! And DemOcrats don't want Oil drilling off the coast. So what better way to get the American people to believe that America shouldn't drill for OIL off our coasts than for there to be a big "OIL" spill which leaks lots of the BLACK stuff into the gulf of MEXICO.

Since we're on that subject, why can't they get AMERICAN oil? Why does Obama want drilling of oil in the gulf of MEXICO! It's MEXICO! And what else comes from MEXICO? MEXICANS! How do we know that this isn't just an elaborate scheme to smuggle more illegals into America? I mean a lot of the Mexicans are brown. Brown begins with B. Black begins with B. And Barack Obama's name begins with a B.

I'm just asking questions!

"I'm Glenn Beck and I approve this message."
About Gulf Oil Spill
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gladys gets some service

I’ve been a bad Audi owner! I was 3K miles overdue for service. Fortunately, my car is in really good shape and I didn’t have to have all the major stuff done (that’s another service about 6K miles down the road). I have to say, the folks at Sunset Imports really do know how to take care of their customers. Every time I’ve been here they’ve been helpful, explained what was going to happen and I never got the feeling I was being talked down to because I’m a woman.